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9th of September 2008, Banalities - A Poem By Samuel Nyholm On Strindberg Project

Strindberg Project

9th of September 2008, Banalities

A Poem By Samuel Nyholm

Take a long walk and think things over
Pick some flowers and put them in a vase
Wave to the baker
Take the boat to town
Clean up the apartment
Call an old friend
Have dinner with an ex
Order a book on Amazon
Shop necessary things
Say hello to the dry-cleaner
Go to the cinema
Have a date
Listen to a meaningful song
Make a web portfolio
Stand in a crowd, look at something
Go to a café and have a coffee
Plan to go to a concert
Save money for an expensive jacket
Have sex
Miss a friend
Laugh at a joke
Make a fruitful business contact
Make a cup of tea, late at night
Practise for drivers license
Go to the analyst
Talk to your mother on the phone
Play backgammon
Draw a doodle
Learn to live with things
Do research for work
Buy nachos and salsa dip
Read a comic book
Throw away old things from the fridge
Have breakfast at the hotel
Wait for the bus
Take a shower
Have birthday
Look for a new apartment
Cry at a funeral
Send a postcard
Have a snack on the way home
Get drunk
Smile at a child
Leave a tip
Have dessert
Read the newspaper
Look at art
Listen to birds in the morning
Look at an airplane
Download a Cohen brothers film
Sleep a lot
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Published: September 23, 2010, 8:24 pm